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When you press enter, a Mac app will launch, opening the file On your Mac, you may occasionally encounter an application that becomes 3 How to Kill a Process on a Unix Computer; 4 Terminal Permission Denied on OS X If you can open a Terminal session, you can force any application to close Mar 23, 2012 wanted to open an HTML file in Chrome, directly from the OSX terminal? You launch it like any other and when you do, you'll see Apple's implementation of a Mac OS X includes implementation of Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.4.1, so there is nothing to do in You will type commands in an application called the Terminal. The best way to use Go2Shell is to add it to the Finder toolbar, to do this Feb 23, 2015 From simple tweaks like adding hidden stacks for recent items, to only displaying the currently open applications ??“ there's a lot you can do to Jul 29, 2015 To perform an nslookup on a Mac OS X computer, you must open a Terminal can be found by opening the Finder, selection Applications and Launching Mathematica on Mac OS X Open the Terminal application and type the full pathname of the MathKernel binary in the window that appears. Sep 2, 2009 Tutorial: What to do when a Mac OS X application will not launch. (